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Help Your Child Shine at a Great Preschool in North Phoenix

At Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB), parents play such a key role in the learning progress of their students.  Parents tell us that a great preschool in North Phoenix is hard to find, and that one of the things that make preschool such a great experience for young children is the strong partnership between parents and teachers at Adams Traditional Beginnings.  Our parent partnership includes an open-door policy where parental input is greatly valued.  Because parent/teacher communication is so strong, and parent participation is so active, a truly rewarding, positive environment exists that children, parents, and staff all enjoy. We are so grateful for such wonderful, supportive parents! 

Positively Impact Your Student’s Attitude and Behavior With Parental Involvement

You may already be aware that extensive research illustrates that the more parents are involved in their child’s school and education, the more the student will achieve in school. Moms and dads play an essential role in their child’s education and success in school. Countless studies suggest that parental involvement not only impacts learning, but can have a positive impact on a child’s attitude and behavior in their classroom. When parents show an interest in their student’s education, they positively influence their child’s attitude, self-esteem, and motivation in preschool.

How Parents Help Create a Great Preschool in North Phoenix

The partnership between parents and teachers makes our school a truly rewarding and positive environment for all. Parent involvement to help support your child’s learning journey includes tasks like checking student’s backpacks and communication folder for any projects and work sent home, along with daily teacher comments on your student’s day. Active involvement can also include volunteer opportunities available to fit anyone’s schedule, ranging from class party donations and participation, annual teacher appreciation week, attending preschool programs, and volunteering in your child’s classroom. Check out our Parent Resources HERE.

Parental involvement is crucial at all age levels, and laying a strong foundation in preschool is a great way to start your child’s academic journey. Adams Traditional Beginnings academic preschool prepares our students through real academic preparation giving students an academic edge for their future. Adams Traditional Beginnings students thrive because our high-quality preschool prepares students academically, socially, and emotionally for academic kindergarten. Learn why our students succeed at Adams Traditional Beginnings preschool HERE.

We Work Hard to Offer A Great Preschool in North Phoenix

The staff at Adams Traditional Beginnings is committed to excellence in education.  We work hard to offer a high quality preschool education with research proven curriculum, personal attention, nurturing relationships, and lots of fun! Children love learning here. 

Are you ready to start your child on the path to academic success? If so, we would love to serve you, your family, and your child. Download the Adams Traditional Beginnings info kit HERE, email us at, or give us a call at 602-938-5517. You are also invited to come tour our campus.  Go HERE to schedule a tour. We offer a great preschool curriculum, we support our students and families, and our students succeed! Find out more about Adams Traditional Beginnings preschool HERE or learn more about the other Choice Academies schools HERE.

The Choice Academies Family of Schools

Adams Traditional Beginnings is part of the Choice Academies family of schools. Learn more about the Choice Academies family of schools HERE.  All Choice Academies schools are committed to providing a traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations.  Our schools offer a safe learning environment where students develop a strong foundation of knowledge, critical thinking, good citizenship, and leadership skills.

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