Best Preschool Programs

Finding the Best Preschool Programs for Your Child Can be Tough

You already understand the benefits of a high-quality preschool if you are looking online for the best preschool program for your child. However, finding the best preschool program for your child can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Did you know that there are 71 private preschool programs in Phoenix that serve almost 15,000 children? How do you know who offers the best preschool programs? 

Start With First Things First

From a practical perspective, the time it takes to get to the preschool is essential. If you are in north Phoenix, Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB) is conveniently located just north of the intersection of the 101 Loop and the 1-17, with easy access on and off the freeway. The other concern is the cost of the preschool. The best preschool programs don’t have to be expensive, and ATB is affordably priced. A third practical item that must be considered is whether the preschool schedule works for the family schedule. ATB offers half and full-day preschool programs, as well as before and aftercare if needed. You can find out more about what we offer HERE

The Best Preschool Programs Should Offer High-Quality Education 

Many parents are unaware of the substantial long term benefits of children attending a high-quality preschool like Adams Traditional Beginnings. According to the American Educational Research Journal, early childhood education, in general, increases a child’s cognitive development, reduces grade retention, and improves behavior during the elementary years.

When determining the best preschool program for your child, factors that you should consider include: 

1) Are teachers positive and caring? 

2) Is the teaching interactive and engaging?

3) Is the discipline positive and patient?

4) Is there free time for play?

5) Is social learning part of the curriculum?

At Adams Traditional Beginnings, we are happy to report that the answers to the above questions are all… YES!

To really determine if ATB offers the best preschool program for your child, we invite you to come and see for yourself why children thrive at Adams Traditional Beginnings. You can schedule a tour to view our beautiful campus and our preschool facilities HERE (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page). You are also welcome to download more information on the benefits of enrolling your child at Adams Traditional Beginnings HERE

Do You Have Other Children? Consider the Choice Academies Family of Schools

Adams Traditional Beginnings is a proud member of the Choice Academies family of schools. Choice Academies also offers a high-quality charter school for grades K-8 education at Adams Traditional Academy and a high-quality charter school for high school at Jefferson Preparatory High School. The Choice Academies family of schools is committed to providing a traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. Its purpose is to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge, to teach critical thinking, and to develop good citizenship and leadership skills.  Find out more HERE.

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