Thanksgiving 2.001

We Are Grateful

This Thanksgiving, the students at Adams Traditional Beginnings are grateful for their families, their friends, and their school!

Our students made the fanciest turkey hats you can imagine – so creative and colorful. And then we celebrated with Thanksgiving feasts in every class.

Learning about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday, and then practicing thankfulness is a great way to teach academics and good citizenship. It’s what we do at Adams Traditional Beginnings!


ATB Christmas

Christmas Giving at ATB

Christmas at Adams Traditional Beginnings is a great time to learn!  Our students are enjoying the Christmas tradition of giving gifts to those they love.

Making gifts for Dad and Mom and other loved ones is a great way to learn the joy of giving, as well as learn the history of Christmas.

At Adams Traditional Beginnings, our students are always learning in creative ways – both academically and socially.  And, they have great fun in the process!

Writing Skills at ATB

Who would think that young preschool students can be proficient at handwriting? Guess what – the students at Adams Traditional Beginnings make remarkable academic progress in handwriting during their time in preschool.

It really is amazing what young minds can accomplish when given the opportunity to explore learning in a positive environment. Our curriculum at ATB is research based, excellent curriculum that engages young minds, increasing curiosity, and enabling them to learn in ways they truly enjoy.

There is nothing better than watching light bulbs turn on in young minds, and witness excitement about learning starting to root and grow. We are passionate about giving our young students the solid foundations they need for their future academic success.