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Early Childhood Preschool in North Phoenix Prepares Children to Excel

Many parents ask about the benefits of academic preschool for their child.  Both research and experience have illustrated the numerous benefits of high quality, academic preschool. Adams Traditional Beginnings, an early childhood preschool in North Phoenix, our proven curriculum creates a strong foundation for a successful academic journey. Our fun, creative ways of introducing learning to young minds develop excitement about learning.  The positive reinforcement children receive increases their confidence levels.  

It’s definitely not daycare – our early childhood preschool in North Phoenix is the beginning of your child’s exciting academic journey.  When students graduate to kindergarten from Adams Traditional Beginnings, they are prepared, confident, and eager to learn! 

Childhood Experiences Impact the Way Students Learn and Behave 

At Adams Traditional Beginnings, we recognize that both parents and teachers have a significant impact on the way early childhood preschool students learn, behave, and feel about themselves as they begin their educational journey. This is especially true at the beginning of a child’s academic journey.  Preschoolers, leaving home perhaps for the first time to engage in a world without their parents, need to hear positive words of affirmation to feel secure and confident in this new world outside of their home to confidently engage in the learning process.   

Positive affirmation can come through words of encouragement as well as hugs and smiles from both teachers and parents.  Positive affirmation means communicating that we value each child’s unique strengths.  We practice positive affirmation in the classroom and encourage you to practice it at home so that your child is surrounded by a team of people who believe in them.  If you are unsure of what exactly to say to provide positive affirmation, you can start with simple phrases like the ones below- 

  1. You make me smile.
  2. Thank you for being a good listener.
  3. You are so loved.
  4. I miss you so much when we are not together.
  5. You are so smart.
  6. I love listening to you talk.
  7. Thank you for being so kind.
  8. You can always ask for help.
  9. You have such great ideas.  
  10. You can do it. Keep trying!
  11. Don’t give up – I believe in you. 

Empowering your preschooler with the security of knowing that he/she is loved, appreciated, and believed in will help them gain the inner confidence, curiosity, and motivation to become an eager learner. Learn more about how Adams Traditional Beginnings prepares for academic kindergarten HERE.  Subscribe to the Adams Traditional Beginnings blog to stay up to date and receive insights on strategies to support your preschooler’s academic success HERE.

Download the complimentary Adam’s Traditional Beginnings info kit to learn more about our high quality early childhood preschool in North Phoenix HERE. Or, schedule a tour HERE.  Plus, you can always call us at 602-938-5517 x 327, or email us at preschool@atbchoice with any questions. We look forward to meeting you and supporting your child’s successful academic journey!

A Strong Academic Foundation Paves the Way for a Successful Academic Journey

At our North Phoenix preschool, we truly believe that children are our future.  With that understanding, we take our responsibility to provide a strong academic foundation that enhances a child’s learning and creates social/emotional competence. Adams Traditional Beginnings is part of the Choice Academies educational group, focused on traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. 

Choice Academies’ schools provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge, teach critical thinking, develop good citizenship, and key leadership skills. Students and families benefit tremendously from the consistent academic journey of graduating from Adams Traditional Beginnings to Adams Traditional Academy and then on to Jefferson Preparatory High School.      




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