3 Year Old Preschool

Summer Camp That Keeps 3 Year Old Preschool Students and Even Eighth Graders Happy!

Are your kids moping around the house because it’s too hot to go outside? Or spending more time in front of the TV or video games than you would like?  Summer is a great time to experience fun and adventure at Adams Traditional Summer Camp! Days at summer camp are filled with fun, adventure, learning, and friendship for 3 year old preschool students up to eighth-graders. 

Story time and reading are part of the fun adventure.  Did you know that reading is one of the most vital components of children’s development? A recent study reveals that preschool children who read at least five books a day enter kindergarten having heard about 1.4 million more words than kids who did not read daily. Adams Traditional Beginnings understands the significance of reading to help children in other aspects of their learning, so we include a reading focus to encourage a love of reading for every student. 

At Adams Traditional Summer Camp, we get our students excited about reading, but it is just one of the fun, educational components of camp. Our preschool and kindergarten students enjoy games, centers, music and movement, arts and crafts, circle time and stories, and phonogram and math review. We can’t wait to get your child excited about learning!  We hope to see them at Adams Traditional Summer Camp.

 More About Reading – Did You Know There is a Million Word Gap?

Jessica Logan, a member of Ohio State’s Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy, shares her conclusions from recent studies testing the importance of reading every day with children. The “million word gap” is key in explaining differences in vocabulary and reading development for children who read daily and children who do not. Kids who hear more vocabulary words by reading every day will be more prepared when seeing these words in print once starting school. Children who have listened to over 1 million words from reading approximately 5 books a day are more likely to pick up on reading skills more quickly and easily. Logan says, “The word gap of more than 1 million words between children raised in a literacy-rich environment and those who were never read to is striking.” She encourages parents to close this gap and make reading a top priority in the home. Even reading one book a day allows a child to hear almost 300,000 more words than children who do not read books every day. 

Our Two Year, High-Quality Kindergarten Preparation Program Makes a Big Difference for 3 Year Old Preschool Students

When you enroll your 3 year old preschool student at Adams Traditional Beginnings, your child will benefit from a unique, two year kindergarten preparation program.  Our high-quality program has numerous social and emotional benefits, including increased attentiveness, engagement, and creativity. It also helps children learn self-control and sharing. And of course, we do all of this in a fun environment where children’s curiosity is sparked, and a love for learning begins to grow. 

If you are looking for a program for your 3 year old preschool student, please download more information on the benefits of enrolling your child at Adams Traditional Beginnings HERE. Additionally, we invite you to come and see for yourself why children thrive at Adams Traditional Beginnings. Adams Traditional Beginnings (ATB) is a conveniently located North Phoenix preschool just north of the intersection of I-17 and Loop 101 with easy on/off access to the freeway. Schedule a tour to view our beautiful campus and facilities HERE (please scroll to the bottom of the page), give us a call at 602-938-5517 x 327, or email us at preschool@atbchoice with any questions.

Looking for K-8 Charter School in Phoenix? Or Charter High School? Join the Choice Academies Family of Schools

Adams Traditional Beginnings is a proud member of the Choice Academies family of schools. Choice Academies also offers a high-quality charter school for grades K-8 education at Adams Traditional Academy and a high-quality charter school for high school at Jefferson Preparatory High School. The Choice Academies family of schools is committed to providing a traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. Its purpose is to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge, to teach critical thinking, and to develop good citizenship and leadership skills. Find out more about the Choice Academies family of schools HERE.



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