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Showcasing the Arts at Our Early Childhood Preschool Summer Camp

Spending time singing and playing with musical instruments, or painting a masterpiece with your child seems like a fun time spent together, but did you know music and art education can significantly increase your child’s development? Research shows the positive effects music and art has on student’s learning and developmental skills. Making music and creating art influences a student’s motor, language, social, cognitive, and academic performance when attending a high-quality early childhood preschool. 

This summer, preschool and kindergarten children have the opportunity to increase their motor and cognitive skills while having fun at Adams Traditional Summer Camp. Pre-k and kindergarten students can spend their summer days enjoying arts, crafts, music, and much more. Learn more about Adams Traditional Summer Camp HERE. We would love to have your child join us for a fun summer of learning and play! 

Playing Music and Creating Art at Our Early Childhood Preschool is a Pretty Big Deal

Research illustrates the many ways music and art facilitate deeper learning in all school subjects. Playing with musical instruments, singing, and creating arts and crafts of all kinds provides a rich experience that benefits students’ as they progress into formal learning. Learning songs, using basic rhythm instruments, or creating artwork involves using multiple skillsets simultaneously. Neuroscience studies indicate the brain of a musician, even a young one, works very differently than the brain of a non-musician. When involved in music and art education, students experience more substantial neural activity growth, making their brains work even harder and benefitting all aspects of their development. 

Ellen Winner, professor of psychology at Boston College, and Gottfried Schlaug, professor of neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, led a study that found changes in the brain images of children involved in weekly music instruction and practice. The students in the study who received music instruction had improved sound discrimination and fine motor tasks, and brain imaging showed changes to the networks in the brain associated with those abilities, according to the Dana Foundation, a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research. Music and art education are related to spatial intelligence, improved test scores, and even an increased IQ, even when introduced through the beginning skills of early learners.

Register for Adams Traditional 2020 Summer Camp Today

At Adams Traditional Summer Camp, your child will enjoy these incredible brain working activities. The pre-k and kindergarten camp includes games and centers, music and movement, arts and crafts, circle time and stories, and phonogram and math review, plus play and free time. 

While your child is having the time of their life enjoying summer camp, you can feel confident that he/she is gaining essential and vital cognitive growth skills that will benefit your student’s academic journey. Download our complimentary summer camp info HERE.  Or, if you are ready, register for Adams Traditional Summer Camp at our early childhood preschool HERE

Our Early Childhood Preschool in North Phoenix Creates a Strong Foundation for Your Preschooler’s Developmental and Future Success 

Adams Traditional Beginnings, an early childhood preschool in North Phoenix, provides a strong academic foundation that enhances a child’s learning and creates social/emotional competence. Learn more about the ways Adams Traditional Beginnings prepares children to succeed in academic kindergarten HERE

Want even more information? Download the complimentary Adams Traditional Beginnings info kit to learn more about our high-quality early childhood preschool in North Phoenix HERE. Or come see in person why children thrive here.  Schedule a tour HERE (please scroll to the bottom of the page). Of course, you can always call us at 602-938-5517 x 327 or email us at preschool@atbchoice with any questions.  

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About the Choice Academies Family of Schools

Adams Traditional Beginnings is part of the Choice Academies educational group, focused on traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. Choice Academies’ schools provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge, teach critical thinking, develop good citizenship, and fundamental leadership skills. Students and families benefit tremendously from the consistent academic journey of graduating from Adams Traditional Beginnings to Adams Traditional Academy and then on to Jefferson Preparatory High School.  Find out more about the Choice Academies family of schools HERE.




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