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Local Preschool Summer Camp at Adams Traditional Beginnings

Being bored is just not OK! Right now, your preschool or kindergarten student could be having fun and learning at the same time! We invite you to check out what our local preschool, Adams Traditional Beginnings, has going on all summer long.  Fun, interactive, and educational – children are never bored, despite the long hot Arizona summer. With games, crafts, art, music, story time, reading and writing, and even math review, there is so much your child’s curious mind will interact with every day of camp! 

Having Fun in the Heat While Growing Young Minds Through Centers and Activities 

Preschool and kindergarten children are naturally enthusiastic and curious learners. They love to ask questions, investigate, examine, and experiment with growing their mind and better understanding the world around them. At Adams Traditional Summer Camp for Pre-K and Kindergarten children, we use centers.  Did you know that centers are a great way for students to grow?

What in the World is a Center?

Learning centers are different parts of a classroom, each focused around a specific subject or activity. One center can involve your child’s dramatic play, one center can revolve around art or music, and other centers can be focused around manipulating objects or recognizing letters and numbers. 

Why are Centers Important?

Centers focus on the development of the whole child. Academic development is vital to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten and elementary school. Social, emotional, and physical development works hand in hand with your child’s academic success. Diverse learning centers implement the best activities for child-initiated exploration and discovery. 

How do Centers Impact my Student’s Academic Journey?

A 2018 research study at Adnan Menderes University concluded that learning centers have a significant, positive impact on preschool children’s early academic and language skills, mathematical development, and print awareness skills. Children experience new information and material without fear of failure because they can focus more on the process than the result. Learning centers also teach young students how to relax in an academic environment by reducing tension and pressure. Children can feel confident in comfortable surroundings feeling free to express themselves. 

Enroll Your Child in Adams Traditional Beginning’s Local Preschool Summer Camp Today

We offer an age-appropriate program for preschoolers/kindergarteners, as well as a program for first through eighth grade.  Every student that attends the Adams Traditional Summer Camp is saved from boredom, has fun, and makes new friends, all while exploring new educational concepts.  Learn more about Adams Traditional Summer Camp HERE.  You can also take a tour of the campus prior to enrollment if you prefer. Reach out to us at 602-938-5517 x 327 or preschool@atbchoice.org with any questions about our boredom busting summer camp. 

Adams Traditional Beginnings, our local preschool in North Phoenix, is passionate about returning to the basics of traditional learning and its benefits for children’s future success. Although we have lots of fun during our summer camps, it is still a priority to offer high-quality learning experiences that impact your child’s academic journey. 

Our North Phoenix Local Preschool Believes in a Traditional Education 

If you are considering preschool that prepares your child for success in kindergarten, please consider Adams Traditional Beginnings! We are a conveniently located local preschool with a proven curriculum and highly qualified teachers. Download the complimentary Adams Traditional Beginnings info kit to learn more about the benefits of attending a high quality, local preschool, HERE. Or schedule a tour HERE (please scroll to the bottom of the page). You can always call us at 602-938-5517 x 327 or email us at preschool@atbchoice with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

Adams Traditional Beginnings is part of the Choice Academies educational group, focused on traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. We offer a continuum of education from Pre-K through high school.  All of our Choice Academies’ schools are highly rated, and provide students with strong educational foundations and teach critical thinking while developing good citizenship and leadership skills. Read more about the family of Choice Academies’ schools HERE.

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